Our Curriculum

Northland Community Preschool follows the Early Childhood Curriculum - Te Whāriki -  set down by the Ministry of Education.  All our procedures and policies are in accordance with the Ministrof Education's standards and guidelines.
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At Northland Community Preschool, we encourage free choice for our children by providing a variety of activities with qualified teachers supporting and guiding the children as they play and learn.

Some activities will be teacher-initiated, such as cooking, music and art activities, while others will be child-initiated. As your children play and learn our teachers will be collating "learning stories" about the child's progress, their activities, interests, relationships and abilities. This information is shared and discussed with parents.

Other curriculum-based activities we provide for your child are:
  • Music and movement sessions
  • Story mat discussions
  • Project work following both child and teacher initiated ideas
And always in whatever we do, the focus is on teaching our children how to play as good friends.